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Long Island SAT Prep

Nervous about the SAT? Don't be. It's a long and puzzling test, but with an organized study plan and the inside scoop on tricks for mastering the SAT style, you'll breeze through the test and earn a much higher score.  The SAT measures how well you take the SAT, it does NOT measure how smart you are! So why not study with someone who knows way too much about the SAT?

I was trained by top test prep companies and have been completely independent for the last few years. I learned the secrets to SAT question formats and trick questions... and I also learned how to make prepping for the SAT efficient... and even enjoyable!

I am a FULL time SAT and ACT tutor and I LOVE every second that I spend at work. My experiences with over 500 students have helped me understand that there really isn't any "cookie cutter" approach to preparing for this test. EVERY single one of my students had a different way of thinking, and EVERY single one of my students had different needs.