Hi Parents and Students!

My name is Amy Fortsch, and I am a full time SAT/ACT tutor in Long Island! I also help students with their college essays and with the general application process!!

I am different from other tutors because I develop a lasting relationship with my students. I get to know how they think and what makes them unique.  Other tutors say that they have the perfect "system", but the truth is each student has their own strengths and weaknesses, and they need to be addressed accordingly!! I am extremely well versed when it comes to teaching students the ins and outs of both the SAT and ACT, yet down to Earth enough to speak to students in a way that they can relate to me. I have worked with over 500 students and have very high success rates!!

Most people think of the SAT as an intelligence test, but the fact is- The SAT is a test that can be beat- it just takes time, motivation and a GREAT tutor.  :-)

I do not require a minimum number of sessions or a contract because I know that once you meet me, you will realize I am the BEST possible tutor you can find for your child!

If you have a child in need of some tutoring, give me a call!!

Amy Fortsch
Professional SAT/ACT tutor
College Admissions Counseling

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