February 1, 2018 :) From the parent-

"Our family highly recommends Amy for anyone looking for an ACT/SAT tutor. This was the first time one of our children was taking an ACT/SAT exam and Amy educated us on the test prep process. Amy helped our daughter determine which test would be best to take and provided in depth tutorial and test taking guidance for every aspect of the test. Amy kept me and my husband informed of our daughter’s progress throughout the test prep process and was always available to answer our questions. When our daughter received her test scores we were very happy. She earned a score on the high end of the range Amy predicted.  Amy’s comprehensive test prep coupled with her calm and patient demeanor were exactly the characteristics our daughter needed in a tutor to reach her potential. Amy earned our daughter’s trust early on and our daughter followed her instructions to the letter. We were very fortunate to have found Amy and would recommend her to anyone looking to give their child the best opportunity to obtain a great score on the ACT/SAT."

Andrea L.

East Northport, NY

From the student- "Amy was a great SAT/ACT tutor for me. She is really patient and took the time to get to know me. We went through how to take the test, the best way to study and how often I should study. Amy took the time to help me identify my weak points and concentrate heavily on improving those areas. She helped me manage my stress while preparing for the tests. When I received my test score earlier this month I couldn’t be happier. Amy’s tutoring helped me to reach my test score goals. She was really great and exactly the type of tutor any kid my age would enjoy working with."

Tatiana L. -East Northport, NY

November 20, 2017 :)

"Working with Amy was more than just SAT/ACT prep. Going to her has personally made me more confident not only as a student, but as a person in general. She has made me realize a lot about myself that would have taken me a long time to figure out. To dedicate so much time to attempt various strategies, techniques, and timed exercises in order to see what works best for you individually, is what makes her so amazing! Even when faced defeats, she is always there no matter what to encourage you and get you further prepared for the next test. She will always reach out either before or after every testing day to check up and make sure you're either not freaking out, or how you did on the test. I am so grateful to have found her and work with her. Amy is a genuinely kind, motivated, and intelligent person. It was definitely a great experience to have her as a tutor while dealing with the stressful work that comes during junior year." 

-Lola B-- Carle Place, NY

November 13, 2017 :)

"Amy was recommended to us by numerous friends in our neighborhood. We knew our son was an average student and test taker and was going to need help to prepare for the ACT.  When we contacted Amy at the start of his junior year of high school, we had only test prep in mind, but it turned out that she gave him a great boost in his academic confidence. After every session she would speak with me by going over the day’s lesson, his progress and send email and texts. Amy became another one of his biggest cheerleaders’ right before and after the tests. She worked with him week after week with strategies on how to tackle his test taking frustration due to his weakness in English and reading. His scores continued to go up and his English score went from a 23 on the first ACT to a 31 on the third. She also worked tirelessly with him on his college essay and university choices. The year we spent with Amy was a great experience and are looking forward to contacting her again for our other son in the next few years."

-Karen DeSimone --- Carle Place, NY

April 7, 2017 :)

"Amy is undeniably a necessary part of the college process! From helping me decide which test was right for me during the summer before junior year to providing me with essay ideas that would perfectly capture my personality in my senior year, Amy uses her expertise to get the most out of each student.  With Amy’s testing strategies, I was able to master standardize tests and score higher than I would have ever been able to alone.  Junior year is stressful enough as it is, but going to Amy every week helped me stay on track with my test preparation, ensuring that I was as ready as possible by test day.  The individualized attention that Amy gives to each of her students allows her to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses, but in no way is she ever overwhelming or intimidating.  The personal relationship that forms throughout months of working with Amy proves to be extremely helpful when it comes time for applying in senior year.  The many essays required by each school were definitely daunting to me, but Amy helped me conquer each one, giving me helpful corrections, while still allowing my own voice to shine through.  Amy knows what makes her students special, and what will make them stand out in a large pool of applicants.  Because Amy, I was able to better handle the overwhelming college application process, providing me with so many great opportunities for the next chapter of my life."

-Kristen Caramanica

University of Virginia ‘21

April 4, 2017 :)
"My son is an average student. As a parent, I was concerned how he was going to stand out and be chosen among thousands of other students to a university. My answer was Amy- his tutor, mentor, guidance counselor, and friend. She took the time to know and understand my son with all of his weaknesses and strengths. He started his lessons the Summer before his Junior year of high school. Amy was referred to me by a friend who had used Amy for her children for a SAT/ACT prep. My son gained confidence for the SAT/ACT through her various teaching strategies. Some of the tactics that she taught were time management, how to approach each question, where to find the answer to the question, which question to do first or last, and what to do if you don't know how to answer a question. Amy helped him explore his opportunities of a safety, target, and reach schools. She also helped him with his essay by bringing out the best in my son and what was meaningful to him. His essay was a powerful piece of words that really made him stand out. Out of six schools he was accepted to five immediately and one deferred. My son and I were ecstatic with this wonderful news. I know that Amy prepared him for the SAT/ACT and he did a terrific job with outstanding results thanks to her extensive knowledge. My daughter will be with her soon in two years as we travel this journey again, but this time wiser with the help of Amy!"
Plainview, NY
SUNY Cortland 

February 12th, 2017 :)

"Amy was recommended to me by a good friend. I had had a previous tutor for my older daughter without too much success and an awful lot of money.   This time around I had twins entering their junior year, and needed help.  Amy worked with my kids focusing on each of their individual strengths and weaknesses to increase their score with each test.  She recapped with me after each session and checked in with them before and after each test. Amy spent time reviewing college choices and giving them helpful tips and advice on their essays. I am happy to say that both of my twins have been accepted into the schools of their choice, with academic funding.   I have and will continue to recommend Amy to anyone looking for an ACT or SAT tutor.   Thank you so very much." 
Massapequa, NY

January 30, 2017 :)
"I cannot say enough good things about Amy! I have had the pleasure of working with her the last 2 years. She has worked with both of my sons and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. Both of them received excellent scores on the SAT & ACT largely due to the strategies she taught them. She also worked with them to improve their writing skills which helped with both of the tests and college essays. Amy is very personable and really gets to know her students. I'm so glad we found Amy and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a tutor "
Bethpage, NY
Lehigh University and Binghamton University

December 23, 2016 :)

"It’s December of my son’s senior year of high school, and I can finally relax. His college applications have been in since October and we’ve heard from enough schools already to know that he has a nice choice of where to spend his next four years and has even been offered a few scholarships. I know a large part of the reason he is in this position is due to his excellent ACT score, and I know the reason for his exceptional score is due in large part to the work he put in with his tutor, Amy Fortsch.

Not only did she coach him on test taking strategy, her high energy personality and positive attitude also gave him confidence to keep going. She instinctively knew when to push him as well as when he needed to rest. The final result was a break through score.

Amy’s influence did not, however, end with the test. In August, she followed up with collaborating on the Common Application Essay and editing the overwhelming supplemental essay questions many colleges and universities ask students to answer for on their individual school applications. She also gave important advice about how to input extra-curricular activities so my son’s strengths could be showcased in the best possible way for the admissions committees.

It has been an extremely stressful time, but thanks to Amy, we’ve now made it (almost) to the finish line. We could not have done this without her help.

I would highly recommend her as a full service ACT/SAT Test tutor and college advisor."
-Sarane W.
Syosset, NY 

October 12, 2016 :)
"Amy was a tremendous help for my daughter as she prepared for the SAT and ACT tests.  She was highly motivated and positive.  Amy worked with Courtney’s strengths and taught her valuable skills to help her in the different areas she was weak in.  Any time I had questions, Amy had an extensive background and was well qualified to answer them. Courtney also found it easy to work with her and ask questions as well.  As a result of Amy’s help, Courtney was well prepared for the tests and her scores increased.  While Courtney is busy applying to colleges, I am making plans for my younger daughter to begin working with Amy."    
Hauppauge, NY

June 24, 2016 :)

"I worked with Amy over the summer before my Junior year of high school. Amy taught me targeted strategies that directly translated into improved scores for specific sections of practice tests. Mastering these strategies, I scored a 34 on the October ACT, the first and only time I took the ACT. Not having the pressure of standardized tests lingering over my head throughout my Junior Year freed up my time to focus on what I am truly interested in. I used this time to focus on schoolwork and get very involved in activities I am passionate about, which all culminated in my early admission to Cornell University! Thank you for all your help Amy!

Sayville, NY
Cornell University Class of 2020"

May 20, 2016 :)
"My son and I were looking for a tutor for ACT when we came upon finding Amy in his summer before 10th grade. His ACT tutoring quickly included Geometry, then Algebra II/Trig, and English. Amy was wonderful, such a Blessing to us! Amy tutored him for his regents tests, three ACT tests, and numerous Geometry, Alg/Trig tests.  The most recent and very tedious common app would have been a nightmare for us without Amy. She proofread and cleaned up his college essay, helped with all of the common app questions and helped with the college deadlines. We never could have done all that without the help of Amy. We are so grateful to her. My son has been receiving acceptance to his college choices and a lot of money in scholarships, one for even $24,000. Amy not only tutors the student she cares about them, their grades and how they will do in their future. We have a wonderful relationship with Amy and are still in contact today with all of his acceptances and she will once again help him with his finals. Amy is very caring and devoted to her students academic accomplishments and my son and I Highly recommend her. We have told many friends about her and she has helped them greatly. Amy is an A+."
Sincerely, Rea and Matt Elenio from Hicksville, NY

February 12, 2016 :) 
"I first contacted Amy last April, through a friend’s recommendation, in a panic after seeing no results in my son’s tests scores after working with another tutor.  Here we were the April of his junior year and unsure what to do to help him get his scores up.  Immediately Amy fit him into her schedule and started preparing him for his upcoming tests.  Amy is very sweet and friendly and my son felt very comfortable working with her right away.  She helped build his confidence and he never complained about all the practice tests or going to their weekly sessions.  Amy helped him raise his ACT score significantly to match his strong high school transcript.  She also helped him prepare for his SAT subject tests and guided him through the college application process, from discussing schools, answering questions to revising numerous essay drafts.  My son and I highly recommend Amy’s services!  She is very positive, enthusiastic and loves what she does.  Amy is a very calming presence in a process that can be extremely stressful."

Smithtown, NY

December 11, 2015 :)

"My son Michael took his first SAT in November of his junior year to get a feel for the exam.  His results were below his goals for his target school.  We began sending him to a tutoring center that claimed to produce results.  His 2nd exam in June of his junior year actually produced almost no increase, even a couple of points lower on one of the parts.  I researched on my own after that for a private tutor and found Amy.  We came to her late in the game being the summer of his senior year, however, in just a few months with her, his very next exam in the fall of his senior year was boosted by 310 points.  Apparently her methods are highly strategic, focused, and produce incredible results.  I highly recommend her.  We wish we found her sooner.  His first college offer came in yesterday with a $23,000 scholarship to boot.  We will absolutely be sending our daughter Juliet to start with her this summer before her sophomore year begins.+             
-Krissy DeNapoli, Bay Shore, NY

July 3, 2015 :)

Dear Amy,
Words seem too simple in attempting to express my gratitude in helping my son get accepted into his top choice Cornell. I am impressed with your ability to connect with him in such stressful time. Your knowledge, patience during the sessions coupled with the many practice tests given to him were instrumental in increasing his confidence and skills, improving his ACT scores significantly. You became such a help and resource to him guiding him throughout the challenging college application process and the never ending essays drafts.. We are grateful that you came into our lives and make such a strenuous process as easy as possible. We will always remember the beautiful smile that greeted us outside rain or shine. Rest assure that I will never miss the opportunity to recommend your tutoring services to anyone in need.
Oyster Bay, NY

April 17, 2015 :)

"I do not know how I would have faced junior year, SATs, ACTs, and the beginning of senior year without Amy by my side. Junior year along with all the standardized testing left me feeling as if I wasn't good enough, like all my hard work and good grades shown in the classroom meant nothing compared to these two test scores. I had gone to a tutor prior to meeting Amy; however, my score just didn't reflect the amount of work I was putting in. Something just was not clicking. Luckily, my mother found Amy at the exact time I needed her, and I am truly grateful.

Amy instills practice into her students, and this practice leads to confidence in their skills. I went from looking at math problems dazed and confused, to recognizing the repetitious patterns of problems within each test and truly knowing how to solve them. I went from running out of time with two stories left, to feeling comfortable getting through each one with solid understanding.

Amy is so incredibly kind, and understands her students beyond their academic level. It is very easy to be friends with a dedicated tutor like Amy, and I am so happy I've met her. After working with Amy side by side, our dedication to increase my score allowed me to improve a whole 200 points on my SAT, and achieve an ACT score even higher than that. And even after all the tests were done, she continuously worked with me to perfect my college essay.

Amy taught me how to feel calm and comfortable on test day. Most importantly, though, Amy taught me how to be confident.

Now, with my senior year coming to a close, I'm faced with more college acceptances and fantastic opportunities I might not have been able to receive on my own. I would absolutely recommend Amy Fortsch to any student searching for a tutor. Her work ethic and guidance and dedication will never go unnoticed, and I am truly grateful to have experienced it."
Bethpage, NY

April 10, 2015 :)

Testimonial for Amy Fortsh from Samantha’s mother, North Shore of Long Island. 

I would gladly recommend Amy Fortsh’s services for students seeking college test prep, essay writing and college application assistance.  My daughter Samantha worked with Amy for improving her test scores and for assistance in completing the common application and the various supplemental questions (which, depending on the college, were quite involved).  Amy also worked with Samantha on the common application essay and on any essays that were required with scholarship applications.  Amy Fortsh is very knowledgeable about the entire college application process. Amy’s enthusiasm and positive vibe helped keep Sam on track and motivated to prepare for her tests and meet application deadlines.  While the college application and college search process can be quite stressful, we found Amy to be a calming influence with her college specific guidance and knowledgeable feedback for any questions we had.   Samantha always looked forward to her sessions with Amy and respected her opinions and guidance.

April 4, 2015 :)
"Amy is the reason I survived the entire college process. From helping me get my scores beyond my expectations to perfecting my essay, I would not be able to go to my top choice school if it wasn't for her help. Her patience is incredible and her useful tips rang in my ears on test day. Couldn't have done it without her!"
-Dawn Edelman, Plainview, NY
Tulane University class of 2019

April 2, 2015 :)

"A little over a year ago, I was overwhelmed with the intense workload of junior year, and the SAT was the last thing I wanted to think about after doing awfully on the December test.  However, I knew that for the schools I dreamt of going to I’d need to put in a lot of effort and began searching for a SAT tutor. I literally typed in “Long Island SAT tutors” and after reading a number of testimonials decided to send Amy an email. 

I began working with Amy early January of my junior year.  During our first few sessions we focused primarily on the math section. We met each week for an hour. By the time the March SAT came around my math SAT score increased by 110.  By June, I went up a total of 260 from the December SAT, and finally broke 2000. That summer, Amy opened my eyes to the ACT. We turned my ACT science score from a 25 to a 35! 

As long as you're willing to do the weekly homework that Amy assigns there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to increase your score!

Having a solid ACT score gave me the confidence to apply to schools I called “impossible to get into” prior to working with Amy. Without a doubt I wouldn’t have gotten into schools like UNC, Berkeley or Cornell without Amy’s help. If your looking for an ACT/SAT tutor or someone to just help you with your college essay shoot Amy an email, you won’t regret it!"

Rockville Centre, NY

January 28, 2015 :)

If I had to do it all again, I would choose Amy, without a doubt. She is just absolutely amazing at what she does and I would not have been able to go to my dream school if it wasn’t for her. Somehow she takes all the stress that is a college application, and test prep, and turns it into something you can conquer. Her motivation, and love for what she does can be seen at every lesson. I’ve never met anyone more passionate in helping students than Amy. She cares so much about each of her students, it’s amazing. Amy truly is the best in the business.
Carle Place, NY

June 13, 2014 :)

"Amy has helped me tremendously improve my SAT score by over 300+ points! Her sessions have really given me the confidence and comfort that I needed to do well on all my SATs and SAT IIs. Getting one on one attention, versus taking an SAT course has made a big difference in my performance. Amy was able to help me work on all my weaknesses and develop my way of thinking, so I could achieve the scores that I needed to get into the school of my dreams. From Day 1 Amy was able to guide me in the college admissions process and help me create a plan that was realistic and best suited to my abilities. We scheduled when I would take which tests and when I would study for them. This was very helpful during junior year of high school, when managing schoolwork and testing seemed to be nothing less than chaotic. When testing was over and the college application process came around, I was able to complete all my college essays on time and have a well-formed resume at hand. Without Amy’s help I would not have been able to stay on track and get into the universities that I did. Next year, I am looking forward to a prosperous future and cannot thank Amy enough for it. If you want rewarding results in a short amount of time and are willing to work hard, choose Amy!

 Victoria Doheny
Graduating Senior
, Long Beach, N.Y.

January 3, 2014 :)
"Once junior year was approaching I knew I needed to find a great SAT/ACT tutor for my son. I wanted someone who would help him reach his full potential  with these important tests!! Luckily we found Amy Fortsch.  Amy did just that, in a few months he improved his SAT scores tremendously. She is not only very knowledgeable, but she made the sessions very pleasant and gratifying. He walked out of her house every week with a smile on his face and  more confidence in his test taking skills.

We are very grateful for Amy's  help. Now I am proud to say that my son has had many great scholarship opportunities! We have and always will highly recommend Amy!"

Maryann saulle
East Meadow, NY

January 1, 2014 :)


It is December 20th 2013. My phone is being infiltrated by a flurry of texts: I GOT IN , I was deferred, rejected :(. With each new text, my anxiety builds and eventually plateaus at a level I did not even think was possible. My body can't handle the indescribable pressure, for alleviation, I decide to text the one person who has been with me throughout this whole process; I decide to text Amy.

In usual Amy fashion, she took a machete to the tension with her lighthearted sense of humor. "Honestly, you have worked so hard, if you don't get in, forget them, they are not worth your time." At the time, this may not be the answer you would like to hear; however, this is why Amy is so great. Not only does she etch SAT savvy tricks into your brain, but she is also there for you every step of the way. Whether you are rejected, deferred or just down in general. She is the lifeguard that pulls you out of the college application riptide, resuscitates you, and throws you right back in.

It is that same night.  I have refreshed my email so much that I decide to take a “break,” otherwise known as leave your computer and question everything you have ever done in your life; however, Amy's words soon calmed the storm that was occurring within my head. “You have worked so hard, if you don’t get in, forget them.” At that point I heard the *ding* and returned to my computer...

“Congratulations...” to Amy for being the best tutor there is.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

November 19, 2013 :)

"Junior year can be summed up in one word:  stressful.  If your child isn't worrying about their grades or extra-curricular activities, they (and you) are most likely worrying about the SATs or ACTs.  The thought of these tests is truly nerve wracking, and hiring the right tutor is essential for success.  I am truly grateful that we found Amy Fortsch to tutor my daughter for these exams. Every time we pulled up to her house, no matter what the weather, she came out to greet us with a smile.  My daughter would emerge from her house after the tutoring session chatting and laughing.  Homework was always assigned, but Amy knew when to push her and when to pull back because of other pressures.  While Amy couldn't completely allay my daughter's fears, she did make the prep much more pleasant than it had any right to be, and she was able to walk in on test day completely prepared. My daughter scored two points higher on the June ACT and was put in a much stronger position for her college applications.  While we were glad to be done, we miss Amy!

I would (and have) highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a tutor who is not only well versed in the test and its subject matter, but compassionate as well.

(Luckily, we got to work with her again while preparing her common application essay and supplements.  Amy brainstormed ideas with us, then edited and polished her writing, ensuring strong, well-structured responses in the final drafts.)" 

Syosset, NY

November 11, 2013 :)

"As stressful as junior year may be, Amy’s SAT/ACT prep definitely minimized my stress. I first went to Amy during the summer prior to junior year and continued with her through the school year. Amy works diligently to find each student’s strengths and weaknesses then, strategizes in order for you to excel. One thing I enjoyed about working with Amy was the individualized attention. This way, I was able to really concentrate and discuss any questions I had. The ample amount of skills she taught me were beneficial to my success with the standardized tests. Not only did I improve my scores, but I also found that the skills I learned could be applied to any schoolwork.  Overall, I 100% recommend Amy!"
-Zoe- Tufts class of 2018
Carle Place, NY

November 8, 2013 :) 

"The first time I took the SAT, I received an awful score and thought there was little hope for me.  Amy pushed me and got to know my strengths and weaknesses.  Her method helped me to increase my score by 200 points! I never thought that would be possible and I have Amy to thank for my success. I honestly do not think I could have done it without her skills, dedication, and confidence in me." 
-Stephanie from Long Beach New York 

April 2, 2013 :)

"I can't thank Amy Fortsch enough for all that she has done for my two daughters!  I first used Amy for my oldest daughter back in 2009 when she was a junior. In 2012 I was thrilled that I was able to book her to tutor my middle daughter as well.  Amy is a true professional. She really has a great ability to get to know each student as an individual. She is an expert at immediately knowing what she needs to focus on with each student in order to improve their test scores.     She taught my daughters invaluable test-taking strategies and kept them very motivated.  My daughters achieved great success using Amy and I highly recommend her!
-Maria Zajac

December 3, 2012 :)

"Amy has been instrumental in preparing Mack for his SAT's and ACT's.  She formulated a study plan, teaching Mack time management skills and strategies necessary for these exams.  Her understanding of SAT and ACT content is extensive, and her teaching skills beyond compare!  With her guiding hand, Mack was able to achieve his goal scores on the ACT. She is very patient and extremely knowledgeable, and we are thrilled with our sons results!"
-Lisa Blanz
Oyster Bay

October 24, 2012 :)

"I am so glad that my twins worked with you in preparation for their SAT's and ACT's.   I was concerned at first since many people I knew had separate math and english tutors for their children, but you were definitely the perfect fit, and their scores prove that!  Not only did you tutor for the exam in an individualized fashion, really getting to the heart of each child and finding what they needed to do to reach their goals, but you also planned ahead to find the test that worked best for them, and to have all of the testing finished during junior year.  They started senior year able to focus on their college applications while so many students around them were still scrambling to take tests.   You were always so pleasant to deal with, calling on exam day to see how it went, checking policies with admissions offices when we had questions, and always greeting us with a smile! Thank you so much! " 

East Rockaway, NY

October 17, 2012 :)

"My son used a local test prep company due to the fact that"everyone"in the neighborhood was going there for convenience.What we soon found out that was this company gave a canned prep for all their students.I decided that since the April test was so close that it made no sense to change,he ended up scoring much less than we hoped for,when I approached the company and asked them what can they do to better his score,it seemed like the same approach as before.
I remembered seeing the article about Amy in Newsday and gave her a call.What impressed me most was that she said that her approach was tailored for each individual student.My son spent about 10 weeks with Amy and just got back his ACT scores,he improved by 4 points overall,he was ecstatic,we were thrilled and can not thank Amy enough for her skill and expertise."

September 23, 2012 :)

"Amy is more than an SAT tutor, she has provided my daughter with the assistance she needed to prepare for the college process. She is always positive and encouraging and has helped my daughter work to her full potential. Amy is very knowledgeable and has helped my daughter with her college search and her college essay. Her services have been invaluable to us! Amy is very passionate about her work with high school students!"
Carol Fagan

August 30th, 2012:)
“Amy Fortsch is the Score Whisperer!  It was uncanny the way Amy was able to identify and relate to our son and then just as quickly identify academic strengths and areas of concern.  The experience for our son and his subsequent test results were outstanding.  Amy will continue to be our college prep partner throughout the remainder of this grueling process.  So if you are thinking about using Amy’s college prep service, we strongly recommend you to do so today.”

Carol Ann and Andrew Tack

Merrick, NY

April 30th, 2012 :)

"Amy's contribution to my daughter's college process was invaluable.  Thanks to her outstanding tutoring, our daughter's SAT and ACT scores improved and she faced the test with confidence.  I enthusiastically recommend Amy as a college prep tutor!  Amy did an amazing job guiding our daughter through the intimidating process of preparing for the test. With that said, it is exceedingly apparent that Amy's mastery of the SAT is unparalleled and her ability to understand the best way to teach an idea based on specific learning style was clear evidence of that.  Thank you, Amy, for making the testing process less stressful and for all your advice and help along the way.

We would and have recommended Amy to all our friends and family!!!

Lisa and Vinny Anzelone
Merrick, N.Y.

April 23rd, 2012!!

"SAT and ACT tutoring with Amy Fortsch was a perfect solution for our son. Amy individualizes her instruction to meet the needs of each student. She gets to know each student she works with and develops a program that is just right for their learning style and abilities.   We knew that group tutoring was too cookie cutter and not the right approach for our son. With Amy’s support and dedication, he was able to achieve his goals and get into amazing schools. He received scholarships from 4 Universities and will be attending Bucknell University in the Fall." 
Andrea Horowitz
son Alex- Bucknell Class of 2016
Syosset, New York

April 21, 2012!!

"I give my most enthusiastic recommendation to Amy Fortsch who tutored my daughter for her SAT and ACT exams. Amy is a kind and caring person. She is a thorough and knowledgeable teacher. She is fully familiar with the SAT and ACT exams and the preparation needed for doing well on each test. Just as importantly, she is a motivator, a coach and a role model for the student. She can connect with the  high school student who wants to do well and show them a pathway to success. As a parent who has had four children go through this process, I would not hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone who is interested in seeing their child succeed."
-Frank Scahill, Wantagh, NY
Daughter Eileen- Providence College Class of 2016

January 1, 2012 :)

“Amy has been a true partner in the college process; from test preparation through application submission she provided advice and guidance. Amy’s talent was bridging any gaps between my direction and my daughter’s thoughts about the college process, bringing them together seamlessly towards a common goal and finishing with the happiest outcome for both of us.“

Linda Benowitz, Plainview, NY
Daughter Amanda- Cornell, Class of 2016

December 11, 2011 :)


Amy was honestly the best thing that could’ve academically happened to me.  I initially asked her to be my math tutor being that I failed math third quarter, and with her tutoring we were able to bring my math grade for fourth quarter all the way up to a B+.  With such results it was obvious she would be the perfect fit for SAT tutoring.  Over the course of our sessions she brought my SAT scores up 170 points to a 1980!  We then decided to get a jump start on the college application process and write my College Essay together, this worked out amazingly since she knew me so well from all the sessions we’ve had.  What was best about Amy was that she was always so encouraging, I never thought I’d be able to apply to the really competitive schools, but Amy always thought I had it in me.  Thanks to Amy, I got a $17,000 scholarship to go to Tulane University, but with her encouragement I applied to an extremely competitive school (ranked higher than both Cornell and Brown) Northwestern University…. and got in!!  I can't believe I am officially a Northwestern Wildcat!
-Dimitrios, Dix Hills 2011


"Our son's sessions with Amy Fortsch exceeded our goals. Ryan's October scores went up 220 points. We'll be thanking his guidance counselor for the referral and calling again in three years for our other son. We already referred another family to Amy."

-Kathy Macioch, West Babylon, NY


"My wife and I truly can't thank you enough on suggesting Amy... These past 6 months have flown by so quickly and money well spent.. Amy has instilled into Jackie outstanding study habits and such habits have brought about Jackie getting into the National Honor Society."

-Tina and Doug, East Islip, NY


"Amy Fortsch has worked with my daughter for the past year preparing her for the SAT and ACT exams. She has been a wonderful teacher and has prepared my daughter extremely well for this high stakes test.  She taught my daughter how to effectively work and think through this test. After my daughter took the test for the first time, she expressed to me how she could not have made it through the math section without Amy's support and guidance. Her scores increased each time she took the test. My son will be going through this process next year and I know Amy will be a great support for him as well."

-Barbara Draghi, Islip, NY


"Amy provided support and guidance with my son's SAT test, Math B and most importantly guided him throught the college application process. The end result: my son was accepted to the college of his choice. I would recommend Amy."

-Jeff Weiss, Nesconset, NY


" My son was a straight A honor student so I just assumed he would do well on his SATs.  Was I surprised when after two attempts at the PSATs he barely broke 1000. We looked into taking the standard courses at Kaplan and Learning Center, but my son's schedule was already overwhelming with school and sports. Amy was the perfect answer. She came to our home for 1.5 hours on Sundays for approximately 10 weeks. She worked with my son on test taking strategies such as finding which questions to answer, timing each section and reading critically. Successful? My son ended up with 1250 (710 on Math!) and a 1900 overall on all three sections. He would have never had the confidence to achieve these scores without Amy's help. He is currently applying to schools such as Syracuse U., Penn State, Villanova and Northeastern."

-Louise Ryan, West Islip, New York


"My daughter is an excellent math and science student, but struggled with the critical reading and writing sections. Her sophomore year PSAT scores clearly demonstrated this. We knew one on one tutoring would work best for her. Amy started working with her the summer before her junior year, and we were thrilled to see her scores increase all around. She came to our house 2 hours a week throughout the summer and part of junior year. Amy coached her on how to take the tests as well as tutored her on the subjects she needed more help with. We used Amy for both the SAT and ACT tests, and were thrilled with her final scores: Critical Reading - 610, Math - 710 and Writing - 640. Her ACT composite is a 30, with a 33 in Math! And, best of all, Amy's help and advice allowed her to meet all the test requirements prior to her senior year, which alleviated a lot of stress around college application time. She's already heard from two schools, and received a merit scholarship on $19,000 a year from one! Getting the early acceptances has made the rest of senior year a pleasure. We're still waiting to hear from Tufts, Carnegie Mellon and others. Amy was flexible with our schedule and was able to relate really well to my daughter. I don't think she would have been comfortable in a group setting or with an older tutor."

-Faye Wolfson, Plainview, NY


"Amy is great - she understands both the academic and psychological side of taking the SAT, and is able to address the individual concerns each student has in order to help them get the score they need. She approaches test taking in a practical way, breaking it down so the students know exactly what to expect, and exactly how to take the test to get their best possible score. My daughter learned material for the test, but more importantly, she gained the confidence she needed to raise her score by more than 200 points! I've recommended Amy to others, and they all agree she is the best!"

-Dennine Cook, Bay Shore, NY

Recent Email I received from happy parents :)

"Hi Amy,

I have been meaning to contact you for a few weeks now and just haven’t been able to find the time.  In any case, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with our daughter, Victoria, and her SAT scores.  Not only did Victoria’s score increase by more than 100 points, but her confidence went through the roof.  That would not have been possible if you hadn’t been so flexible with your hours, and dedicated to her learning.  We don’t know where Victoria will go to college yet, but we are sure your teaching will help her not only get in; but also in her college classes.


Maureen and Jay Genna, Wantagh, NY December 5, 2010"

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